The Evolution of Call Connect into Namely AI

We are excited to announce a significant change at Call Connect Inc. As part of our commitment to offering cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, we are rebranding as Namely AI.

Our new name reflects our broader commitment to driving success for businesses using AI technology. We're not just about connecting calls anymore - we're about providing intelligent, automated solutions for a range of business needs.

Expanding Our Offerings

As Namely AI, we're expanding our offerings beyond sales calls. Our AI-powered platform will support email automation, chatbot automation, customer service calls, tech support, and more in the future. We're excited about the possibilities this opens up for our clients and their customers.

A Seamless Transition

Rest assured, the transition from Call Connect to Namely AI will be seamless for our users. You'll still have access to the same great features and intuitive interface you're used to, now under a new name that better represents our vision.

Experience Namely AI Today

We invite you to experience the power of Namely AI for yourself. Visit our platform and discover how our AI-powered solutions can transform your business operations. Let's explore the future of AI together.

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